Error 1103: Unable tot post or put the text

When connecting with the companion it gives error 1103. Also testing older aia sources that worked, it gives this error. Reinstalling Kodular companion does not solve the problem.
Rendez vous server cannot be reached, so it seems.


Have you performed a SEARCH in the forum?

me too , what is this?

i having same problem too. i think the companion cannot connect now

For sure I did Italo. It sometimes looks, like a standard question, asked too often.

The problem seemed to have happened in august '19 too but it was reported as SOLVED.
Seeing more people react with same problem, I think it is a server problem.

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Yes! I am also having this issue, I can’t test my app at all.


Looking through the parameters of this error, &ipaddr says the error is Error: No Wifi Connection. Most certainly the server.

Edit, again

Never mind, mine has a filled in IP :thinking:

As you can see is a web problem that some people have at times, and some don’t. I also had it for a minute today. It seems we just have to wait until it resolves by itself.

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Ah, it seems its the SSL Certificate that’s causing the issue… from looking in the console:


Going to shows that the cert has expired today

Why is it giving me an error though?

When visiting a site that might not be secure like the Rendezvous server, Chrome or your web browser will ask whether you’d like to still visit the site. With API requests, you don’t have that ability, so it immediately denies access to the site.

Hard reloaded and cleared cache

Now I’m getting getFromRendezvous(): No answer yet! from the console when generating a code for testing…


Yes, the SSL certificate is the problem, apparently just expired today

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Should be fixed now.

Ready, it works :slight_smile:

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I am currently getting the same problem and I wonder why this is not solved.

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Not You Only Many.
But Peter Said To Wait For An Hour And Try Again.

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For an hour? ok let us wait.

same problam


I have the same error, reinstall, the certificate expires in several months, so I imagine it must be a server problem. I will try to see when it is solved

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It’s a kodular bug, I have it too

Not a Bug -
Read Few Previous Posts.


Happening because SSL cert got expired today…

@Kodular Please check and renew the SSL cert.

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