Kodular hangs at "20 Establishing Secure Connection"

It was not just for you. It was for all those saying @Kodular staff is not doing anything and were continuously pinging Mods… There were people blaming Kodular Staff and saying they don’t do anything nor guide… But they never see the efforts taken by the staff… Please wait for the update or if it is every important, use Firefox…


Don’t start arguing and making it off-topic. i know what i said and I’m not blaming anyone, 3y anniversary badge is not for nothing. @Peter pls?

but some componet not working like kio4 griedent extension and card view stroke

I am not able to use firefox as it’s not working for me firefox isn’t loading sites and now opera and edge also showing the same 20% error. Please help me if you know any way that I can use.

Are you using updated Firefox? Are you having stable network?

If Ans is yes, no problem…

As today, still the same “20% hang issue”. It is become impossible to test the app. Do you have any work around to this? Any expected date to solve it?

Use Firefox Work Properly

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Not at all, representation of the cartoon is how I feel for the moment…

Btw, the solution has been mentioned 100 times already


Yes. That’s true…

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You’ve asked a question just below that already it was multiple times answered by multiple users also it was marked as solution even…

@Boban kindly close this topic as a solution is already here.

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If we close this one, then new threads will popup…

It will be closed after next update…


I am using the latest firefox and I have a working wifi connection with 20 ms ping.

If so, no problem with browser and net. Reinstall companion or clear cache and data of the app then try

I have Got a solution For some of them to use two fingers scrolling in laptop an mouse scroll in Pc this will solve the scrollbar issue

done many times but the same thing happens

No it’s not working :sob::disappointed:

Use Firefox

Theres no any error in