Kodular list view and custom listview

hello everyone.

i Want to create an offline SMS app

but can’t get a good list view,

When Colin tree List view is using , there are a lot of slower 500 cover list views

It takes about 1 to 2 minutes

When using By default kodular ListView is a little less than that

But it also takes a long time

Tell me if there is a good listview for offline sms app

What is an offline sms app?

No matter what component or extension you use, if you want to load 500 covers at once it will always take time. I also think that i saw that this extension doesn’t work anymore in Eagle.

app not mater quick view

And that means?

500 over list of lenth view in 1 secound

Why do you think that would be possible?

many custom list view it posible

Show me one.

example deeb host custom list view


500 covers/images in 1 second? Then you have to use that i guess.

no need image only text

I guess you have some testing to do what works for you. And what works for you can not work for someone else because his phone could not be so powerfull.

no sir
i am testing same phone

check this app

1000 over list item view in 1 secound

please tell me how it posible

Maybe show the blocks you used to fill the listviews.