Kodular opens without many functions, I can do almost nothing

for me the kodular does not appear webview for me to work, not even trash buttons and rename, also does not appear button you tube, I have a very flawed version, I have to present a work in college and I’m worried if there will be time

show your blocks & give more details

They are not blocks, it is a designer page that still does not appear on the buttons. one thing he could do was set up login, a lot of work

would you help me assemble blocks to open my url? I don’t know if that’s why for me only web 1 appears and not webview

use some other browser, with chrome its experiencing some problems, use opera or firefox


Or you may use Chrome Dev (Canary) version.


Clarification: Dev and Canary are two different versions

Both are unstable (Experimental)… That’s why I mentioned.