Likes creating button separate

i want to create a likes in such a way that in one blocks i get separate lilkes and in other i want the total of that in which the separate like is working fine but the total one is not want working properly and here is the image of that tell me what did i change in that
blocks (42)

blocks (45)
blocks (46)
blocks (47)
blocks (48)

Tell me what to do

Tell me what to do

Here what you r trying to mean the total like and like…

If you say the last colum I like them why the count is more than 1. Make sure what you want or give us more clear

When you see the image in like column there is separate like means it shows how much a separate file gets like but in total likes I want the sum of the like for example in like column you see different numbers but in total likes you see a addition of them and I want in that way but when I click on like button it shows only 1 is not showing the total

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i created a like button and here is my
blocks (49)

my like button working now when user click on like button it add like and sow notification you liked and when same user click on same image to like it notify you like already and if it is a new user and you havent like that image then the user like it. but now i want to modify this i want to total all the likes and sow in same place in short i want to total all the likes in one place in airtable and for that i created a colomn but i try different ways but as i want it not working like this if some one understand help someone

I think the above blocks does good. If it not work, just fill the total like column in each cell value as 0 then try. If cell value is empty, app will not call the cell

How did I edit please let me know
I think you not understand all the working just fine if you see my previous massage I actually created a new colomn name total likes and I want to add the total in same email id

For eg by I’d user click a like button it add +1 if it is same then show notification you liked it at a specific place like name is used and I want to total all like in colomn in email I hope u understand

Have you tried this?

Yes I tried this

Can you give me the aia(demo)

Make sure both ate same or not. If not above method will not work

Ok I’ll send my aia but not today I will send you at morning

sorry for late reply i actully out of town so i giving you my aia files
Hoodoo.aia (2.7 MB)

its all in home screen in that like button when user click on that add +1 and if they have same user notify you already liked and the value where save in two way in one way it save a perticular place for eg a specific email and its name and the other way is in only email i hope you understand and help me out thank you for your great support

sorry no clear info is there… more screens are there. It is your ultimate responsibility to inform , if you need solution, In which screen we need to look into. We have no time to search for the exact block

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