List view 300+ records

Hi, want to show 300+ records through Colin list view. App is crashing any suggestion or guide to over come this.

Try using Makeroid’s built-in ListView component and try again.

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Built in list view also crashing. Does anybody know what is maximum limit of elements for built in list view component.

I have also many items with the build in listview, but it works very fine for me… I don‘t know the length of the list but maybe you have another bug in your project code… check your blocks or send a screenshot, when you want to get help from the community

I have tested this and the build in ListViewer with image and Text have not a limit…
(more than 5000 items tested)

MaximumListItems.aia (3,2 KB)
MaximumListItems.apk (5,1 MB)


The limit of elements in a listview depends of the internal memory of your device. Also, you must see the type of characters sent in your data to the listview, to see if there is some CRLF ou some strange character (depending of your collation) that can be crashing your app.


You can add a logic with a timer component to load 10 to 20 Items per scroll by adding a button at the bottom - when clicked load 10 - 20 items. if you load all the items at a time it will cause out-of-memory exception in the android os and may crash.



the limit in a list view depends on that what you do with the list. If the list merged from tho other lists than you can build big lists. Mean if you load items from list a and list b and merge the together to one list. will reduce you list view a lot. For me it was not possible to build a list with more than 15 components which was merged as i told from two lists.
If i load only one list it was possoble to load more as 1700 items. dont know if this was the end but my list dont had more items. All Items was correctl loaded.

But as i told i merged 2 lists together to one and it was end with 15 or 20. 15, if the items was big ( text) 20 or a few more if the item was smaller (text)

And all item that i used in each list was loaded from Airtable.


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