List view image and text search problem(No results found)

when i use baserow database and try to search show problem (no results found) but when try to search without database > show the results normally
why ?
Search_View.aia (117.6 KB)
blocks (1)
blocks (2)

Your problem is that global title is a list of lists and title is actually a list. Try

Search_View_1.aia (147.4 KB)

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Thank you, it works, I think it’s better than the dynamic components, but is it possible, for example, to customize it and add another subtitle?

Yes you can customize subtitles acco9rding to needs

sorry , but when i try to search the name only show in search bar (like a name hint) but when i click on it , no data show

I mean the process of sorting or filtering
Isn’t it supposed when searching to filter the result according to what is being searched?

You have to figure it out. You are using DeepHost’s extension and as you know we do not support his extensions in the community.

You mean
Add text box and set title to create empty list
And call clear list view image and text

As I said contact the developer to provide info on how his extension works

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Search_listView_Text_image (1).aia (461.1 KB)
now i tried using text box component from kodular
all things work normally
but how i can make title more simple (like your aia)
i cant understand what should i do in do it to debug to show name simplly!

The title looks like it’s complicated but in the aia file you sent I just showed the correct name

Your aia

You have to understand how list and list of lists works. You are dealing with list of lists so either use join list … or select list index … select list index 1

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THANK you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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