Little bit problem loading base

I have a table with values.
I want to use one component spreadsheets_extension (read and write data to google). But it turns out to be a mistake.
Must be.: That when one cell is loaded. Then another. and so on. The table contains 40 columns. When loading all elements, it takes a long time.
So I used this method. And I only need 8 values

I have seen him somewhere before. But I don’t remember where…



instead of using extension you can use web url method

and you can use this method for writing, deleting,etc etc with this script method

I have already started the project with permission. and I don’t want to do anything else. And besides, there are more blocks and more subtleties required :roll_eyes:

with the extension is much easier and more comfortable :eyes:

but I can not build the correctness of the blocks… for good job…

This is your choice, but default csv method you can load the whole data(then can split into each col into each variable) or by using gviz method you can extract col wise data easily…

:point_right:also you have not written your procedure properly it seems, thats why it is giving you F col values always

I think… think…
And don’t understand where is the mistake :roll_eyes:


move blocks like this in all col

also instead of multiple if else try to use elseif, but make sure this procedure is correct… You want each col values into variable?

I want each column value to be added to its own variable…


and i have swapped… but no work

if possible can you share the aia?



SpreadSheets_Extention_Primer.aia (44.0 КБ)

it runs in less than 5 sec to give the output

My data

see default blocks does simple work

works, but I will need to redo a lot to use it. I have a lot of code. Already on next project … :eyes:

And besides, I don’t work alone. and with my br0ther :slightly_smiling_face: