Read cell in spreadsheet!



how can the app (screen1) read one cell on startup ??
the cell F2

blocks attached

First set spreadsheet info on screen initialize like
Spread sheet name
Spread sheet id
Spread sheet number

Then use these blocks

What extension is this? share us the extension link inorder to assit you better… if possible…

what does it return then?

have you filled all the details in spreadsheet property fields?

when posting date ,number and sum , it saves in google sheet ,
but i want on first screen to show the “collect” cell F2

then dont put the read cell in screen init… put it in button click (to post) event

like this ?
it send back error

Why do you use two times the web url block ? Remove one…

  1. Remove the web url , post text blocks in this button click (move all these after spreadsheet got cell event block)

  2. In this button click ,keep only one block i.e. Get cell block

still the same ,
is it possible to send me the blocks pls

i do not have that extension

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Ill share the ext and the aia file soon

test1.aia (61.5 KB)
V11_Google_Spreadsheet_Extension.aix (38.5 KB)
here are the extension & aia file

i hope you are having issue with your script… Have you deploy the script properly? it doesnot return any data on button click… I have checked your script url but it is didnt structure properly… morever no need of extension just use @TimAi2 guide

sorry for delayed reply. Had personal work

your script url returns this…

Script function not found: doGet

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i’m still not able to get the one cell
pls have a look at the blocks and what should i put in the empty one>
i managed to get all the spreadsheet entered data , but i want to get only one F2

Use google spreadsheet extention instead of web…
If you want to do with only web
(no extention) then you need to put script code in google spreadsheet’s code editer…

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