Load Firebase data into card view

I want to load Firebase tag content into cards in card view, I am doing it because I want to build profiles of the customers.
The thing is, I don’t know how to create a new card when a new profile costumer is created.
Is there a way to do so in Kodular? I know that is possible to point an asset, so I think it’s not something impossible to do right?


Nothing seems to work so I’ll paste a screenshot of the designer interface:

The thing is, how can I make my app get how much tags are in my data base and create this number of cards in this screen with the loaded information in the label and in the image with the profile picture?


The only way I figured out till now is adding multiple elements but setting them invisible, get the tag list when the page initialize and set a clock to check it every time, the content must be loaded to a indexed list and have his content length compared to the lenght of the tag list given from the clock trigger, if it’s bigger it set the element visible and set the tag content to the card.

It’s ugly, but it’s a solution, if anyone have a better idea, plese post in this topic and let us know.

Simple just use get value block and in design just add lable component to that card view then set lable to get value, you can also add image component to card view and set image’s picture to get value(url)

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its very simple you can design it by simple logic…
contact me private if u want help

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The best way to make profile system is to use airtable.

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I’ll try that, thanks!