Login screen feedback

I saw some apps having login screen with animations. So tried it with kodular, Wanted to get feedback.


Some suggestions

  1. Although white space is necessary to give a clean look to app, but don’t overdo it.

  2. Generally illustrations are used in app’s welcome/boarding screen depicting the features of your app

  3. If you are using illustration in your app(which you are already using), then make sure they match the theme your app.

  4. Add some single line text which briefly explain what that illustration whant to say.

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Don’t leave the background color to white it is not looking good… You can make something like this


I said this in my first point itself :wink:

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Looks good :cowboy_hat_face:
@Vaibhav has given you suggestion to improve it.


Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I will work on improving it.

Btw, attached the app from which i got the theme from.


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I like so much it​:smiley:
Good idea! :+1:t3:

It’s nice but try not keeping the background color to white, either a light color would also work