Loop music & automatically play next track

Hello there,
I’m making a music app and I can’t figure out how to do these things;

  1. Loop music - something like Spotify’s music loop
  2. Play next track automatically - I want it to play the next track automatically when the current one ends.

Help will be appreciated

What have you tried. Most of the time users like to help if they can see that you did some effort yourself.

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Which media player component do you prefer using? With a simple player these can be helpful (replace 1 with next song’s index in list).

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Hi @Robert
How I can do this with Exoplayer??

Exoplayer also has an event named Status Cannged and a property (modifiable) isPlaying.

But to do like that, we need statues “player is completed”.

Right, but you don’t have to set status as it is automatically changes.

I tried and it did not change the track automatically when the track is completed…

Which blocks have you tried? Status changes automatically, not the current song.

Can you show me the blocks please? because i don’t understand as well.

Auto change - 1st get the song duration then set a timer of that duration if the timer is complete the change the next song.

No need to get song duration. Just set the song and start playing it when previous song finished.


Can this be achieved with airtable?

As Airtable is able to store cells, yes.

Can you please send blocks?

Did you try ??? Show your blocks…

I tried replacing the blue list block with Spreadsheet.View Name

what i mean to say is what have you tried to make those option

Play next track automatically

so what is the problem… if you don’t show your work then i wont be able to help you… upload your blocks screenshots