Need help with Exoplayer


I have three different screens , 1st for Songs list 1 , 2nd for song list 2 and 3rd for Music player ( where exoplayer is loaded after selecting song from either of the songs list screen).
However, Exoplayer stops playing when I press back of Music Player Screen.
Basically my query is how can I keep Exoplayer awake when I press back button of the particular screen.
I have searched a lot in the forum but couldn’t find the solution.

You want to play where it was left or the song to be replay upon re enter the screen?

I want exoplayer to keep on playing the song even after pressing back button or changing the screen unless and untill I select any other song.

If you are on Screen3 and play a sound and then press the back button, screen3 will close (and ExoPlayer stops) unless the Screen.BackPressed event calls to open Screen1 or Screen2. However, this means that after repeating this procedure several times, more and more additional screens are opened, which ultimately leads to a memory problem and the app crashing.

The playback screen should be Screen1 and - if at all necessary - Screen2 and 3 for the lists. I don’t think it’s even necessary to use more than one screen for this.

Show your blocks and post the aia (a test aia).

Sorry for late reply…Here are my blocks.
There are total 5 Screens:

We (at least I) don’t have time to look at all your blocks. Create a simple test aia that only addresses this problem and post it.

Test.aia (2.9 MB)
Test aia uploaded.

This is not a simple test aia but appears to be your full app.

Okay, I am uploading more simplified test aia.
Hope this one will do.
Test (1).aia (2.9 MB)

2.9 MB is not a simple aia that might have bunches of blocks

That’s because I am calling data from Airtable which is in different screen and my problem is related to that only.