Music player stop

Hello, there
I need your little help. I am making an online music player but when I close the music screen, music will stop but when I close the app during music screen music will run on background :joy:
But I need that music will even run on screen 1 once it start play on music screen.

Using arrangements instead of screens should simplify what you’re trying to do.

I don’t understand :pleading_face:

What have you tried so far?

I add a " music screen "
But a button
In block
Add music source "link " and play exo palyer

Try using Vertical Arrangements on Screen1, and toggle their visibility as required. Thus to close your “music screen” you’d only make a VA not visible, and a different VA visible.

Wow nice idea, but my screen 1 is feel heavy I mean I already add login and intro in the way you say doesn’t it make laggy
Thanks you :heart::blush:

There is no other way

You can try to close the screen with an end value, and detect it in Screen1 - but that will noticeably interrupt the music and will not help with your concerns about lag.

it works really very well no latency
even other issues fixed thanks a lot :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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