Material Card + Cameraviewer FREE extensions do not work material icon

There can be two possible reasons:
1.You have not set font icon to material icons ttf file.
2.You are using it on android version less than 5.0

All things are applied:grin:

No it can not be.
If all things are correct than why this error is coming out.
There can be minor issue in blocks.
Showing blocks can help really help you.

Use the official example

Which TTF file is used?

TFF has been tried in the button and done

The error of kodular

I did not try another platform…:sweat_smile:

It is TTF :sweat_smile:
I am sure something is wrong with blocks.
I am not on my laptop currently.Can you post blocks?

I have removed this from my app

Use it anytime and you’ll see it

The problem occurred with the application that the extension developer’s bulletin