Material Font Icons Update

I have to need Facebook Icon. When I write facebook then it separated by to icon face is one and book is one. Please Update Material Font Icons.
Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10
   Facebook Icon     Result Icon

Some fonts don’t work properly just extract the tft file and upload it to assets and set the custom font typeface to it
Material Icons Variants as (617.9 KB)

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Or you can also use Brand icons from fontawesome I think :point_down:


Try the kodular font option too…



I Use Facebook-f for from Fontawesome brand icon, but it’s not working.

Screenshot_15 Screenshot_16

Try to use

Steps to apply fontawesome on any button, label etc

  1. Select the Font Awesome 5 (Brands)[in your case] from Font Typeface drop-down

  2. Enable the HTML Format option from Advance properties in designer section

  1. From Font Awesome website copy the code as shown below

  1. Paste that code in the text field in following format

After everything done it will look something like this :point_down: (See the red underlined fields)



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Sorry its not work.

Follow the above steps provided @razubd250

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Try to use this


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