Maximum how many tables can be called using airtable

I have created 6 tables in same base using airtable. When I try to get column I am able to get the columns of first two table successfully, however when I try to call the columns from 3rd table onwards it wont. I am using a free version of airtable. So please clarify me, is there any restriction in handling the tables in each base id.

how are you linking the third table?
post your code

Each Base has a limit of 1200 rows. If in a base you have 6 Tables and between them you add more than 1200 rows, Airtable will not let you save more data…

Check that you don’t have any empty cells. If you have an empty cell you don’t get any data

blocks (1)
First block wont call the Question2.Got Column and from there on. I can able to call Question and Question1 columns

you must do the same procedure that you did for the first table consequently in the other tables, and call each table to obtain the data, check if there is no blank line in the tables that do not appear the data.

There you are getting only the data from Question2.

With Question and Question1 you have to do the same thing you do for Question2

You are not getting the data from Question, Question1.

You are also calling Question1 twice.

You have to use this block and save values in a list variable (like you did with Question2)


For testing purpose I called Question2 twice.

Properblem solved. Thank you.

Problem got solved. Thank you very much guys. There were two things, One was that one of Quiz3 table there was a blank line and another when trying to calling several table in a single base. There will be surely a human error in calling the cloumns. I did the same I didnt assign correct syntax to call and copy pasted the code for further tables and make changes. Finally after couple of days came to know where the fault was.

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