Mess-Age (Memory game)

Hi, everyone, today I want to show you my new app created with Kodular: Mess-Age!

Mess-Age is a funny memory game which allow you to challenge your friends and become the number one genius!

You can download it here:


I installed it.

  1. “Hint for Text_Box1” I would remove this
  2. Timer is not starting. My time: 0s! Points: 9223372036854775807 “Dividing trough 0 error”
  3. I would use better pictures, they are stretched vertically.

But I like to logic behind that. I prefer to test your app more intensive! Thanks :+1:

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Ops! You’re right! I should have checked better before upload it in my app store! :disappointed:

The game part works very good.
You have to fix the things @Rene1898 mentioned and also the way you open screens. When I try to go back, all the previous screens are still opened in memory. You need to close those.


Yes, I did not Test it further, brause I think it’s the part of the developer


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll try to fix it.

Also, I would either hide the title bar or change the text so it isn’t Screen1,Screen2,…

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