Mint Calculator AIA

Application Name : Mint Calculator

Download Clean Design & LightWeight Calculator Ever.

The perfect mint calculator for Android. Easy to use and beautifully designed to do things better than your phone or handheld mint calculator ever did.

Advantage :
1. A clear display format and easy to read.
2. An intuitive and attractive design that facilitates calculations every day.
3. You can use the backspace key to correct a simple mistake.

Test App :

Download AIA (Mediafire) : MintCalculator

Note : Download & use this aia file without any issue but, must change package name, app icon, app name & color.

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Are you joking?

But…you are sharing the AIA. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

I would rather install the google one if this costs money.

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If you want aia then you can use it, i haven’t any issue. :relaxed:

Download aia & use it
Its free​:relaxed:

Really ?

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How i can remove that, but i can’t see that element how i can delete that?

click here


Is your app is any part of joke???

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That was savage. :laughing:

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Is this an aia checker or somethin? Where did u get that

It is this -

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Thank you so much

You need to take care of colours bright colors are not always the best

Mtlb Hmmm?

I want to say that colors need some improvement

Ok thanks​:pray::bowing_man: next time i will take care

I think :thinking: that I knew you
Are you a youtuber?

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