ML Kit For Firebase

Please Add ML Kit in makeroid and amazon ads and more ad networks to make makeroid better than other platforms.

Who knows if they may not have added them in Makeroid Reborn?

they should also add custom coding option so peoples can add anything if they know coding and they dont have to wait for years for extensions. thanks

You can create an extension by yourself, you don’t must wait years for that…


That’s something completely unuseful and is going against the principles of this kind of tool like Makeroid or any other AI clones, just because it was made this way to give an easy way to learn and develop apps without any language programming skill, but using programming logic.

But if you like writing codes, use Android Studio.


@Kleyber_Derick so you should add download manager in app because it is not available on any other builder and most of the peoples create topics for download manager. thanks

Which, in my opinion, does not make sense too, since webviewer is not a full browser!

yea i know i just want that when anything is downloaded then it will show progressbar like in % which have a option to cancel or hide