How to add download manager in webviewer

Hello sir i am nirmal and
recently i have created an website based application and my website contains big files like 1-2gb but i cant download fils from app that i created from makeroid

sir any tutorial /extension available for downloading files with webviewer?

please help me its really important.

For us it is important that you first search the forum before asking any question. Do that next time.

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extended webviewer extension not working dude any other way to add download manager?

First i am not a dude. Please show some respect.

Second why not use the download component.


Sir your idea for download is so great but as for new like me can you guide me in blocks how should i make a perfect download manager ?

I think you should try it before you ask. The “Download” component does not already have a lot of settings, it’s all understandable.

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okay you want to say that you also dont know anything about it worthy, its useless to chat here if you cant guide it very well , between Thanks for your concern !