How to use download component in makeroid?

Already read all the topics about this but couldn’t find a proper solution. The solution that are given already applied but didn’t work. need urgent help Developer.

What do you want to do exactly ? Be more precise…

want to download songs movies pictures etc but the download option is not working or I might be using it wrong so can anyone please help…

Did you use WebView component?

Show your blocks

yes i am using webview component

So whats the problem exactly?

Did you mean when you press any downloading link or trying to download anything, nothing happend? Is that right?

Try to send video record for explaining if you can.

right now i cannot send video but yes when i click any download from a link no occurrence happens can you please send me a correct coding of downloading from webview

There is no coding for downloading.
Just navigate to downloading link.

But, I don’t know why it doesn’t work with you @kishore :thinking:

Can help me in some block.
I want download videos from this website … Can you show me the arrangement of blocks to download this video from that website

If anyone of you have any solution for this, please let me know.
I need the solution fot it.

I want to download a pdf file in webviewer from a website.

download option is not available for now i have talked to the developer via email

anyone can help me how to use music player play in background. there is option play in foreground not active but voice not play in background. what should i do?

will u please ask when it will be available for us.

There is a dedicated Download component.

bro it don’t work with webview

I know that.

Use Extended Web View for better resultblocks