Mobile OTP Signing

How does app will understood that entered otp is correct in the firebase authentication ? in the app , when blocks are asking for otp then before receving otp or entering otp already mobile number is registering . if you will try to register details later then also you will not able to check if the otp correct or not .

same here. Because OTP signing auto login without manually enter the OTP once number are inserted in the phone you where the apk intalled. How about if the number is from user another phone?

Use this block to auto read otp…


hmm… its quite good solution, but its a texting component… google play store allergic to that… but i try to block it and get back here

Add a privacy policy that declare it’s action and how you manage those data received by this component.

Firebase Authentication automatically read the otp and verify it you do not want to do something pro.