Monetization of Google Admob approved, but ad not showing in App

Hi guys! I created an app and added a Google Admob banner. The monetization was approved by Kodular, but the Ad is not showing up in the App, (I’ve verified my Google account for payment on Admob site).
The App displays the Ad in test mode, but once I compiled it as normal App, it’ll not show the banner.
I need help please, thanks!

Are you sure AdMob has verified your account? After you’ve given them your billing information you’ll have to wait a littlebit before ads show. Also, the ads need some loading time (about a few hours). If I were you I’d wait until tomorrow, and if the ads still aren’t showing up there might be an error with your blocks or your AdMob account.
A common mistake is forgetting to load the ad, be sure to have done that as well.


Thanks! I’ll wait and try again tomorrow, but I believe I’ve completed all the necessary things!

it takes some time.
if not started ads then share your blocks.

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Thanks guys for your helps, I really appreciate!
I got this decline mail from Google, does anyone know why this could have happened?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

There might be more information about it on the AdMob website itself (at least, that’s what happens when you get rejected by AdSense).

I just got approved with my sisters account, so it’s probably something on your end. Maybe it’s that there are too many publishers in your region and not so much advertisers (you are a publisher, people that want ads in your app are advertisers).


Thanks so much!

No problem :+1:

Have you been banned from Admob?