Movies Pro Plus:- Movies + Web Series + Live TV Aia

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Yes, i will update it soon

Due to heavily load on the screen Android 11 start crashing

I also made an app with heavily load on the screen because of bulk ui but it doesn’t crash (more than 2000 block per screen) but your movies pro app crashes due to size, live tv app and this one does not respond you should change your database so that it may work or video background extension is causing this problem
Your app size is 17 MB so may be it is a problem

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Okay, i will take a look on it.
Thanks for reporting

I think this may help you :-

How much ?

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what is the value of aia?

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the application crashes when i click play movie

are you testing on emulator? if no then which version code your mobile has

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@Earn_Money_online Which Video Player You Are Using In Your Project

Exoplayer by @zainulhassan

nice project, I’m interested to buy this aia, but one question, can you tell me which type of video hosting needed for this project to get video quality in different resulation

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In admin i kept the text field for link, so u can upload movie anywhere any you can paste that link. so conclusion is you can use any server any hosting for it.

what will be the Price?

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What type of database you are using you can share

I already mentioned in FAQ

New Update:
Paid extensions Removed from Aia, and used free alternative of it.