My app is so slow

hello how are u , my app is so slow by clicking card view what to do ? is there any solution?

In order to get help please provide more infos and have a look at …

How many card view you have take?

about 10 card view per screen

As I mentioned above provide more infos. What happens when you click on a cardview ? Post a screenshot of you blocks. Are you calling data, for example images, from a database ?

for example if somebody click on card view him need to wait 10 sec for open another screen and i dont have clock in my app

hi thnx for reply , if they click on card view showing another screen and i dont have very much blocks for example card view and open another screen

Can you add any components like:Button in the Cardview?

I think you add button in cardview! So disable cardview full clickable and button weight and height do fill parent then try!

i cant do to put button in cardview because cardview is with vertical and image

Database used ? Do you load images asynchronous ?

i didnt use database for now

So images used are stored in assets ? How big are they ?

yes in asset , idk i just put it fill parent and some automatic , but i dont thing this can be problem about my app is slow

can kodular have this option: if they click one image to showing that screen not to open another screen maybe this this is problem because my app have very much screen

You could always work with “virtual screens” hide/show arrangements. I still believe delay is caused by images size. Download aia, open archive with 7zip, go to assets and post a screenshot

that im thinking to work with virtual screen but idk how to do that … ok wait …

can i send u .aia and to see it yourself ?

If you wish sent it

can i send u in pm?

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