My app its in play store can i get monetization

Hello how are u, if my app its on play store can i get monetization without request in my.kodular ? or its not possible ? and my app its for earnings its with survey…

You do not need to request for approval if your app is on the Play store.


Hi thnx for reply :slight_smile: but my app its reward app can i get monetization?

It’s ad network decision not kodular if they want you can get monetize . If not then no

Please tell us more about your app. How users earn rewards and how they can spend them?

im creating app if them see reward video and they going to getting points and with that points they can buy dogecoin like bitcoin

India is set to ban Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other crypto money with move that targets miners and traders.

Hope it helps!

im not from india, if people from india dont them want to earn dogecoin im going to send to them money if they dont want dogecoin and thnx for information im going to put this in my app :slight_smile:

Good news for you is that, google play support crypto currency. Though, I suggest you to go through their terms before you publish your app in google play.

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hello my friend you looks like have good knowledge about this < please can you help in this ?
i use tapjoy offerwall but how to store points in points screen and send to firebase ?
i hope to help me

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you have to place AdCodes from your kodular creator studio to your App. then you have to push update / Roll on from your Play Console Account again. but be careful to use Test Ads in creator instead of real ads , then after successful test you can place real adcodes and push update.