My App rejected in google play

Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Permissions policy.

my app is rejected
i used send sms in my app
what should I do?

Same issue i am facing in play store and i removed send sms because you cant send sms without user permission its against there policy, better you read privacy policy of play store

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see here:

but my app Based on sending messages

Then you have to spread it outside of Google Play and use the Amazon store for instance or put it on your own website. Google will only make exceptions in a very few cases. Don’t count on it that your app will be one of them.

they don’t allow that, in few cases they allow only and for that you have to read privacy policy which they sent you in email, because they dont allow you to send sms without user permission.

Yea i had a notification like that for one of my apps sometime ago that was doing very well but i unpublished it because i was using the send sms/ call component. thinking of an alternative way to work around it and publish it safely

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