My application reject issue login

Issue: Need login credentials for app review
In order for us to review your app for compliance with Developer Program Policies, we will need you to provide valid login credentials for your app.

  • If users need credentials to access your app, please provide all appropriate credentials via Play Console.
  • If you previously supplied credentials, please ensure that they have not expired.
  • If your app normally uses 2-Step Verification (e.g. SMS verification), biometrics (e.g. a fingerprint or face scan) or a location-dependent password (e.g. geo-gate), please provide valid demo credentials that we can use instead.
  • {If in-app content can’t be accessed after entering login credentials}We could not access in-app content due to app connection error.
  • {If login credentials are provided in non-English language}Please provide all appropriate credentials in English via Play Console.

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Have you searched :mag: the community ?

Need login credentials for app review

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