My big fully Dynamic App - Thanks to kodular

Good morning kodular team. Special thanks to you for my app. After a few month working hard with kodular, finally my project has done.
I make this app to share my lesson and tools or resource about how to make good app from drag & drop platform.

And bellow are app’s detail and features:

------------------- Infomation---------------------------------------------

  • App Name: AI2VN
  • Language : Vietnamese and English
  • Current version: 1.0.4

------------------- Features---------------------------------------------

  • Beautiful and friendly UI.
  • Provide lesson from basic to advance with youtube video tutorials (all videos was created by me, i don’t use any video from other) and provide project for each lesson (if impossible)
  • Collect free extensions
  • Provide HTML files was coded with purpose to help you show list or anything as good look (exam: View chat conversation with facebook messenger UI, Telegram UI…show product items in shopping app…)
  • You can create topic to ask me anything about how to make an app on drag & drop platform, i’ll reply if i know :))


-----------------------Release notes---------------------------------------

Version 1.0.4 updated 27/11/2018

  • Update views count in Extension zone and Projects zone.
  • Fixed some bug.
  • Remake splash screen.
  • Show dialog notice when new item available.

Special Thanks to:
@Kodular Team
@Colin tree with Listview and IMEI extension
@Narisoft kus zab with dialog any extension
@KIO4 with install extension
@Android cotes with sideBar, Dot view and Wheelview extesion
@Appybuider team with TextUtils Extension

Video introduce my app:


Nice app can you provide your aia

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Nice app really, can you please show me/us your chat blocks: i wanted to know how you do that that you get all the messages and not only the first one. same as your threads i like that possibility. So please can you send us / me your blocks from the hat please. thaks you man.


Very nice
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


I haven’t tried you apk yet but I’m guessing that you are displaying ads while using youtube player component. If yes then remove the ads and try again…


Thanks. I tried and it’s work. ^^

Okk bro np

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Nice work man. Cool app with nice design.
Can you please tell how did you insert the starting animation and dollar animation in project > html file on zalo chat view?

Your Uİ is awesome. Can you teach us please? Especially main screen animation

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I just use css3 animation for that. ^^

Sorry. I spend a lot of time and work hard for this project. Ao i can’t share aia file…:frowning:

I just use css3 animation for that. For help you, i maked an app to make intro animation easier, you can download CSS Animator maker


Don’t give aia only show the blocks of your YouTube player and the your setting option blocks

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happy to help…

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i just wanted to know about the dashboard animation functionality you use in this app.

did you use html file from local storage or using components and extensions available on kodular.

i dont want the aia, i wanna know the way so i can make it by myself.


can you plz tell how you manage to do that animation with dollar sign? I mean it’s small and you manage to show that only in small space

I used both html and component available on kodular. And html file i upload them into asset and tell kodular read them.

I manage it with html :relaxed:

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can you create and send aia only of ur first screen (flash screen) ? :sweat_smile:

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it’s very simple. This screen i just use webviewer component to show my splash html file. :smiley:

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