My new AIA store app FREE

App Name: Nick Host
App description : This app based on pure AIA + Extensions files 90% for free and some 10% projects are paid and we are uploading 2-3 aia+extensions weekly download app now :slight_smile:

Platform: Kodular


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Download Apk : Nick_Host

Developer: Nick kods

Very nice @Crown_Developer I suggest you to use some bright colour which makes the UI more attractive to attract user’s

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Improve your UI.
Very similar screens

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ohh thanks for suggesting @Aditya_Nanda :star_struck:

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actully this is my 1st aia store app so i just tried to make copy but some few days i will change everything if i get response from peoples and thanks

I tried for apk but still aia only downloading. Also after download manually only have to close the pop up. You can set when download completes dismiss this notifier

Trust me i solved that problem after 2 days. give me 1 hrs i will show you how fix that ok.

Nick host is awesome

How did you made the text animation in the splash screen by the way nice app

I can’t say exactly but AFAIK, it can be possible with phase extension by Rubber animation.
For confirmation, you can try own​:upside_down_face:

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I used “Phase” extension for that

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correct i used phase extension

thanks bruh! @chitan_haripal

Just loading :unamused: