MyChannel App with 4 Different Styles Created with KODULAR

What is the name of your app?

MyChannel:- This app getting images and videos from youtube with api key and channel id.
This app available in 4 Different Stytles.
When scrolling list with animations.


Thanks To

JsonTools Extension Developer



Upload the screenshot


Please give me suggestions for my app.
I will implement with next update of app

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What other extension u are using ??
Is it something named like NewsView or like that

Is this allowed to upload this app in plaay store or will ake google a problem if you implemented channels which are not yours?
This would interest me, bc i read from some people it is not allowed and others said, Its not a problem:

Has anybody a idea?

But i love your app i want to implement this feature in my app.

Which extension did you used??? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

various grid view 4 in1 extension


No Doubt! This App Can be easiy Published If it will not Serve Any Type of Ads into The App! & If this app contains any type of Apps that can be from any ads Network, It Will be definately got rejected By Google Play.

BTW, Their are some other Ways even to Publish these type of Apps on Google Play With Ads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ok thanks, and how can i publish a app with that feature and with ads.Because i want to ipleent his app as a part oín my whole app. And my app has ads / will have ads. ATM i have no ads in my app, ads will be iplemmented if i am finish with development.

can you also provide a tutorial that how you made this amazing app:heart_eyes:


this would be nice to have see how you work with the api and load things into lists and work with it.
The most important part is that where you work with the api:

And it would intgerest me if google will make troubles at the upload, if you have a banner in the app.