Mysql to csv max 10000 record?

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With this procedure up to 10,000 - 11,000 records
it works a little slow but goes higher no.

Con questa procedura fino a 10.000 - 11.000 record
funziona un po lento ma va superiore no

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what is your problem explain more

this looks very cumbersome…
you might want to elaborate, what exactly you are trying to do…
it seems to be, you are not familiar with working with lists…


i also tried with your mysql program and it doesn’t go the same higher than 10000 records

after about 10,000 records it doesn’t work

your logic is cumbersome…
you forgot this…


EDIT: you also said

my solution already provides a table in csv format, no need to convert the result


Error number: 1256 ; Symbol: ER_TOO_BIG_FOR_UNCOMPRESS ; SQLSTATE: HY000

grazie del vostro aiuto ma non so come uscirne con altre soluzioni funziona
a ma io vorrei
utilizzare la vostra(mysql.php) mi sembra la piu affidabile.

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thanks for your help but I don’t know how to get out of it with other solutions works
to but I would
using your (mysql.php) seems to me the most reliable.

sorry, but without you explaining what you are doing in detail, nobody will be able to help…
read again the previous answers


Devo popolare in listview
Con pochi record ok