Mysql url should be

Hello koders, i create an mysql database in my hosting (according to taifun).in my hosting i have added two domain.& what should be the url for my this database.


It should be url to mysql.php file so it is where you have uploaded that file.

I upload that file on public.html in my hosting file manager

If you have uploaded in root folder then url is:
Your domain + mysql.php
and if you have uploaded in subdomain folder then url is:
Your domain + path to Subdomain + mysql.php

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Sorry man.i didn’t understand where i upload my hosting i added two domain.i think file manager for how can i understand where i upload it.confused :neutral_face:

And what is your domain?

I uploaded here

There are two domain which one how i can know
I goto file manager from here

As screenshot shows you have a main domain and one subdomain (
Php file is in main domain i.e. bdneoqgk

& what should be the url for mysql.thank you for keep supporting me

Url to bdneoqgk domain + mysql.php

That was my account domain available according this.i have these domain

Your mysql url should be this:

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Thanks man for keep supporting me.many many thanks​:hugs:

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