Navigate with screens doesnt work

Hi, yesterday I asked about my app
today i ask about why i cant to open other screen
aia file here, half in hebrew

error with package name i think
when i unzipped the aia, i look for folders named “makeroid”, and “kodular”.


[ADMIN EDIT: Removed AIA because it contained paid extensions]

Copy the contents of “makeroid” to “kodular”. Keep a backup safe before changing anything.

Do you use custom package? What is your app’s package name?

how? can you do that for me and send in PM the aia?

No i dont .

You have multiple issues with your aia


What are they, and what can i do?

Have you manipulated your aia in any way, because there are files that should not be there


What? i didnt undestood

Quite clear what I mean by this


No, I say that i dont know much english
so in other words can you say? translate also dont know what is this…

Did it

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