Navigation button / Vertical rollable

I’m in trouble. i’m trying to use the nagevação button inside a rollable screen and it is not visible when you start the screen. so I created a vertical rollable component and it is always fixed at the point I want. But in this vertical component, I would have to use a list within it and I can’t differentiate between the rollable list and the scrollable vertical list itself. The scroll always focuses on the vertical component.

Would anyone have any idea how to solve this? An extension or perhaps another way to leave the navigation button always visible.

Can you show us an example so any one can help you through out.

the red rectangle is the scrollable vertical component, and the green rectangle is the list. Turns out it’s not rolling the list, just the vertical component.

Make the scroll enable from screen properties

but if I did that the navigation button would not stay fixed where I want (it would always stay at the end and not fixed at the bottom of the screen) . I think ;

Else do one thing keep that list view fulll parent or set the fix value for hight

I don’t understand what you mean. I just wanted to know how do I to be able to have a scrollable list within a vertical scrollable component. In this case the list does not roll