Need help in detecting text from html web payment page

i want to detect payment successfull text in html source of the page. see this b

and this is what i have tried

. but it didn’t work out so please help me with a block arrangement example.

You are over complicating this.

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why you need it…?

You can Buy Payment Extension… for it…

a little bit of hardwork and research. you can save the money. spending money should always be the last option.

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My blocks do what you need. Is there something missing?

i tried this at first but it was not working, that is the reason i choosed the complicated block arrangement but nothing is working. pls any other idea will be appreciated.

Describe what is not working

And are you mixig up WebViewer and the Web component?

i am not able to detect hether the payment was sucessfull or not. Yes, i have to use webviewer to display the payment page to my users. i just can’t process the whole transaction using get and post request from web extension. that’s why i set web1 url webviewer current url. i tried you block arrangement but still the text of label is not changing it is not detecting aything. pls help.

Is this image from the Web1 GET or from the WebViewer HTML?

web viewer 1 html
i wonder if there is any extension which can read text from my app like ocr first clickig the screenshot then detecting whether there is any “payment sucessfull text”. what do you think is this idea good for production level app.

Well there is your problem. We need that html from webviewer to parse, Or you need to use the Web function so you can parse the content.

Hmmm, I am ot sure the best way to parse the HTML from a Webviewer component.

it is not working due to web 1 takes the url from web viewer as refresh url and then convert as html. we need web viewer with html text parsing… simultaneous operation

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I dont understand why you are doing it in that way. I am sorry. Can you send me the AIA so i can take a look and see what is going on. I do not know of a way to parse webview HTML

Looking into it.

simply u can provide blocking of payment successful of paytm… If you able to do this…
without ocr.

I am sorry I am a little slow. I do not understand the substance of the question and why you are doing what you are doing. If you give me the AIA I can help

here is the solution for the payment gateway… as the deep host made UPI extension
UPI Ext.aix (12.7 KB)