Need help..... testing with USB Connection

Give me Starter for test with USB ( previous starter is not working )

Use the companion instead on Google play

i am using …

Please wait until tomorrow

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Help me please …

We are going to make an update for the Starter

It currently tries to open the package com.makeroid.companion, while now Companion uses io.makeroid.companion
That’s why the error happens

tell me how i run this command …
pip install -r requirements.txt

Windows: Open the directory which has file in File Manager and type cmd in address bar. This will open a command prompt for you. There you paste the command pip install -r requirements.txt and run it.

what is this ?

@Murat_Lodhi You are not in the directory which @pavi2410 have talked about.

i am trying on desktop … file is on desktop

Why not trying on the directory which pavi have said?

Show the result of this command: dir

btw, we are looking into simplifying this process for the next release. so you can wait till then

First is normal command result
second is desktop address result… where makeroid is present

tell me how its posible working