Need Help To Publish App On Playstore

Can we publish the app before Kadular api 29 ?

Hi, yes before 3rd August, quickly apply for publishing

I don’t have any Play Store console. So I purchase and after purchase I will publish the app.

My question is can I publish app after 3rd August

After 3rd August you won’t be able to publish until Api 29 is not launched in kodular

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Do you know when it will be launch

There are many posts regardingg it and they have said they’ll launch it as soon as possible

Ok thanks for your help

So please mark my post as solution

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I don’t think it is good to tell user to mark your post as solution if he/she thinks that your post solved their problem then they will mark your post as solution.


@Vishwas @Mika @Shreyash

But what about after Aug 3, 2020 (Kodular targets → API 29 / update) with the many extensions that are still based on the Support Library? These will no longer work on AndroidX.

Evan Patton (MIT team) → AI2 Power User forum

See also here:

Yes, but what about your own extensions? Do they use / need the AndroidX libraries? If so, have you already adjusted your extensions accordingly so that they will work with AndroidX (after the Kodular update; whenever that will come)?

See also here:

I got an answer from @Mika that Kodular (Built on Aug 3: 1.4C 5-Eagle) still uses the Support library:

But Evan Patton (AI2 - MIT team) said:

“If so, the extension author will need to update their extension to use the AndroidX libraries as Google has deprecated the older Android Support libraries and we are no longer using them in App Inventor.”

None of my released extensions use Support Libraries.
So you will not face any issues.:slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry I have muted notifications from you (along with few others).


Are you sure?

See here:


With AI2 (nb184) I get this error:

The same with my installAPK extension.

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