Need help with loading 10 values per click

I am trying to create an application by using data from Airtable and in that i am having many rows so i wanted to load only 12 values per click. I am unable to do it please help

You can load items on user scroll. There are quides in community that might be helpful

Thanks for that but i think i am using some of that method but i dont know what is the error

Why are you using global number if you can just write 1? Also what errors are you getting? :thinking:

I am using global to update the next row number and he error is when i click the button it is only creating cards without any data

You have to use if-else condition on button click. Also, you have initialize one more global variable which will keep the track of total number of values you have got. As mentioned by @dora_paz, you can check out these guides:

Just replace On Vertical Scroll Reached Bottom event with On Button Click event and you are good to go. :wink:

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It’s not working

What is the error?

I can share the ais can you please check?

Okay. Share the .ais file.