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The pts isn’t fitting there can anyone help me, pts=number of coins the user got from going on a battle,

pts is shown in a label ? If yes then


It worked thanks can u teach me where to add minus block which can minus the total coin user have with the coins required for buying character

Try something like this

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Thanks for helping hope u will guide me in future too if i face any problems

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When i open the shop screen again the default no. Of coins which is 6k agains come there, meaning when a purchase any character the coins are deducted as long as i stay on that screen only, when i reopen that screen the coins are 6k again

Yes in order you app to keep track of coins, purchases, etc you should use either tinyDB and store players data in phone or use an online database and retrieve players choices


Can u plz show me using blocks in a short way it would help me a lot

Whenever user purchase, after deducting the amount, store the remains amount in a tinydb or in any database. Whenever screen initi just call this database

I am confused in what to put on tag and value to store

In this block , use one tinydb to store the value

Call tinydb store value tag (remaining balance)
Value label text

When screen init

If not empty get tinydb get value tag (remaing balance) value (empty text box)

Then Set label text to get tinydb get value tag (remaining balance) value (empty text box)

Else set label text to 6000

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Hey Dora, i made a energy bar and want 1 energy to fill every 10 min how to make it plz guide me

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