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Can anybody suggest me, i am confused how should i use tiny db to store that image, after i purchase the character from store, it comes on my inventory but it dissappears after i reopen app again, any way to slove plz guide me i don’t know how to use tiny db i even read the guide on how to use but can’t find a way to use to store the image on inventory

@dora_paz u here?

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Please do not tag users. Actually you can not save the actual images to tinyDB but the path to images. Where do you store images to be purchased , in firebase storage or …? Once image is purchased you can download it to user’s phone and save path to tinydb


Sorry for Tagging i will be sure to follow that rule, i stored image in firebase…! is it possible?

Is it possible with firebase? To store a image


Yes it is easy to store


Thanks i sloved the problem can u teach me one thing, i created three items in market which are respectively item 1,item 2 and item 3,is it possible to make that way that item 2 cannot he purchased until the user have purchased item no 1 and similarly the user can’t purchase item no 3 without purchasing or owning item no 2

I hope you should use either firebase of baserow or gsheet or airtable as one of the database to solve this issue.

If user purchase any item, check any item is present or not. If no mean allow to user can purcahse item if it is item1.

If item present mean, compare the purchase item with database item. If the database item is not item1, then store it in the not next tot he database item then disagree , suppose if it is next to the database item then allow purchase…

Done i did it but i see that there is occurring another problem, the coin i spent on shop doesn’t minus up from main screen until i reopen the app

Show us your block once again pls, for the minus.

It minuses but only after app is reopened,

If the condition true only mean value must save in tinydb, but your block will save whenever you hit the button… pls adjust it and try

That doesn’t slove my problem i think i used many tiny db and firebase storage

It’s easy Said to be done, i tried but couldn’t succeed it would be of great help if u help me by showing in form of images

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