New app for Whatsapp Groups i have published in playstore

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

This app helps anyone to add their Whatsapp groups in this app and also for the others to find groups easily in one place.


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best of luck with that, but try to make different and unique things. because there is lot of apps on groups also and you have a tough competition. also these kind of apps getting banned by play store because everyone making these apps, so be careful with that.


thank you for your reply

v nice ! plz share whatsapp groups source link…are there links available on internet

didn’t get you.

yes there is lot of websites having these links

Thanks for reply…plz share links.

Google is Your Friend, use google for searching , like “whatsapp group links”, and you will find a lot websites, then you can choose any of them.

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made an app for that purpose only then why are you looking online?

this same type of app has been removed from play console . i had this app. with 100k+ downloads. be careful . my app had rank 1 in most keywords.

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Yes because adult groups were posted in your app but i have restricted that kind of activity in my app.

Nice app friend. I also made an app like this but my app got suspended with 0 installs. I am amazed to see the number of installs on your app. Can you tell me? how you achieve that many installs?.
Also, I tried to scrap WhatsApp group links but many of those groups are not exist. Can you share your airtable database in CSV format, please?:heart_eyes:

First of all Thank you but i wont be able to share my whatsapp group database and secondly palystore dosen’t allow the same kind of app from different developers…also if you had adult groups posted in your app to get more installs then that was wrong which might have lead to suspension of your app…