News app / blog app advanced features / airtable

Hey folks,

name of app :

NEWS app with advanxed features .

Describe your app:

It is an news app made with airtable database


App Store/Download link:

Not available now but this app got 1500 + users on playstore.

AIA file :

Pm me

Price: pm me

Students discount available :blush:

Features :-

  1. loading screen app opens
  2. news loading animation main screen
  3. shimmer effect new preview screen
  4. one signal notifications
  5. shortcuts option can be changed by online database
  6. airtable database
  7. search option
  8. carousel view in main screen
  9. html supported
  10. admin app
  11. about app popup
  12. custom side menu
  13. cool video player ui
  14. YouTube data api v3 used
  15. 5 month development support
  16. admin app will have an update
  17. csv -1 control news
  18. csv-2 control video database
  19. csv-3 control shortcuts menu database
    Price discount available for students and crypto payment( limited time only )

Improve the UI , I think the price is high and the code doesnot cost 8$ so UI should be professional


Price not mentioned :thinking::roll_eyes:

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Updated check it so kindly remove your message it’s better if you remove or others think this false information as real :blush: @UnknownMan541 @Still-learning

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How can I buy


To buy you can pm me and shre your contact info :blush:

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intrested i can pay 12 $ how to buy ?

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You can pm him as he mentioned.


Thanks for your help :blush:

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Discount available for only crypto payment and students , mentioned clearly.

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good app has animations etc.