Next button not working in music app after 100th song

I have created a music app which calls data from airtable. When the user clicks on the music it opens another screen and the music starts playing. The next and previous button works fine untill the 100th song. After that the next button does not work. I tried making two lists so that the the 147 songs gets divided and there won’t be a problem, but this is not making my app look good, i want all the songs at one place. So, can anyone please help me, probably the blocks are wrong.

Testing APK

Blocks :-

Please help me solve this and Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What is the list length you are comparing in the IF statement

Welcome @Apps_solutions_365

Basic logic.
Your blocks are unclear.
The condition that makes picking up and playing the next song is False.
1- where is this condition?
2- what are the conditions for the next song to play?
3 - why is this condition false?

Thank you but I did not understand properly…
1- the condition is there in the spreadsheet 1 got row
2 - condition is that the index of the song must be less than or equal to the lenght of list global URL (that is 147 songs)
3 - can you please make me understand which condition is false?

And this problem is there only after the 100th song, why? :frowning: :thinking:

Because the condition that enters the blocks that perform the routine of playing the video, is FALSE. You need to know why this condition is FALSE.

What is This contidion ?

The URL of all the songs from airtable

I am using this as to get the number of total songs

“The Standard API limits GET requests to 100 records. To get more records, you must submit multiple requests with the page offset.”
Checking some google searches I have found this. Seems that the limit is 100 records at a time, I think this is due to bandwidth issues. So this seems like it could be your problem.

This is the link for where I read this information: Airtable Community

You are right!
I never looked at the api documentation of airtable. :sweat_smile:

So, this is the reason why next was not working after the 100th song.
Thank you. :smile:

I will search up and fix my app

Thank you
@Saezy and @Rogerio_Rios


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