Not able to delete Taifun Clipboard extension says internal error has occured

I put Taifun clipboard extenion in my app and added in one of my screen in app but when i open that screen that does not opens always showsAn internal error has occured. Now i tried to delete this extension in screen1 but extension is not getting deleted showing same error An internal error has occured.
Please help me it is an important app and is published on Playstore

Are you using any other Taifun extensions?

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Yes sir, Taifun Textbox

Yep I fugred that.

Do you need to delete it because of size constraint?

Otherwise what you should try is:

a) Replicate your AIA
b) Copy all the Taifun Textbox blocks to the backpack.
c) Delete Taifun Texboxt first, then Clipboard.
d) Reinstall Textbox
e) Drag the blocks back from the backpack.

No guarantees, but I do know there is an interplay between the Clipboard and Textbox.

Ok sir i will try

Sir now i tried to delete Taifun Textbox but that is also not deleting

-Export the project
-Open the .aia file as archive
-Delete the extension
-Save again as .aia

Sir actually Taifun Tools has caused problem i removed it earlier now it shows unable to find component Taifun Tools while loading project.
I think removing of other extension will not do anything

First Delete all the block of Taifun tools after deleting export the aia and change it into zip or rar and go assets and go to external components and delete taifun extension after doing it change the rar file to aia and import it into Kodular


When i removed Taifun tools extension that time i removed releated blocks of Taifun Tools
I have 7 screens in app only one screen is not opening but i never added Taifun tools extension in that screen

I send you personal msg see it

Please make sure the solution gets posted here. Taking things off line does not help the community.


ya if i fix this problem then i will post it on community

This problem was automatically solved

Thanks :kodular: Kodular

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