O haver a Webradio doubt

O create a webradio with an invisible webviewer with the adress of the streaming and it works. Is ir right? And also even using the battery optimization ir stops after 20 minutes. How can fixe ir?

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Eu criei uma web radio totalmente funcional. Em vez do exoplayer usei um webviewer invisível. essa é a minha primeira pergunta: se isto faz sentido. Quando toco o botão play o url vai para o stream, quando toco o botão pause ele vai para outro site em que não tem qualquer som. Uma outra questão é que quando está em segundo plano pára ao fim de cerca de 15 minutos. Queria saber se o exoplayer é melhor solução e se há solução para a aplicação parar. Muito obrigado.

I created a fully functional web radio. Instead of the exoplayer I used an invisible webviewer. that’s my first question: if this makes sense. When I touch the play button the url goes to the stream, when I tap the pause button it goes to another site where it doesn’t have any sound. Another issue is that when it’s in the background it stops after about 15 minutes. I was wondering if exoplayer is better solution and if there is solution for the application to stop. Thank you very much.

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You can use Google Translator to translate your message to English, because English is the official language in the forum.


For Foreground task you can search on the forum there are many about that , but the only functional just now is

I recommend exoplayer not html5, because with exoplayer you can start the playback without the need for user interaction, you can detect connection errors and reconnect when you connect to the internet again, etc…