OneSignal GPDR compatible

I have a question i read a lot about onesignal and i read that one signal is only gpdr compliant if you pay 99 dollar for a month, otherwise onesignal is not gpdr compatible. And what i read is that they track more user infos as we as a developer do it. They track emails, brower settting, phone setting, they track which webpage a enduser opens and many many more things. But the big problem is, the sell theese infors /share that infos with their partner.

If you are a EU user and you use onesignal, i believe you can get in troubles if you dont pay for one signal.

My question is.
I read someting about sdk changes, that they changed their sdk for gpdr compatiblity.
Did Kodular update the onesignal component for that.
II dont understand all of that.
They are some infors about that you have a other sdk if you use the payed plan or so . Dont know it exactly.

Can someone explain me that with the onesignal sdk from them. If i will use the payed plan, can is use the existing component or is that the sdk for the free plan.

Or is each sdk the same- Free plan and payed plan?
User have to have the possibility to delete their collected data.

Is that a have to in the app or i have to make this if the user want it.

This new GPDR rules a crazy.

The same with admob:
If a user wants to delete their ad id, you have to give him the possibility in the app otherwise it could get expensive for you.

It would be nice if someone make a tuturial/info post about the new GPDR rules and what we have to give the user for possibility to read and delete their collected data about him.