Open another Screen is not working

Open another Screen is not working

App not work
Show this error

try to remove “@” from the package name or create a new project

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I try in new project but not work please help

what about this?

Try this, close current screen before open another screen. Look at this block

Ok try this step

You may need to provide us with screenshots of your blocks so we can stop guessing what’s wrong or even better share your aia


@helloronakraj Check the first letter of your screen name “list”(from the place where the screen was added at the top of the viewer section) if it’s in upper case, make sure it’s the same way, or if everything is in upper case, present it that way…

If misspelled it will only show screen not found, his error is something else and i’m suspecting package name

@helloronakraj can you show us your package name