Open another screen with Bottom Nav id/title

can i open another screen with open the bottom navigation id/title instead?
i have a home screen with 3 bottom navigation, i want to go to the id 2 as profile section.

try to use but its only going to home default id (1 the homescreen)
blocks (14)

On home screen, when screen initialize use bottom navigation select item block and set ID to start value.

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yes i know, and there is exist.
what i want is when i open another screen home screen+id from other screen (photoscreen)
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i open photoscreen, there a button back to home that open the id bottom nav of homescreen
the photoscreen is not homescreen

I didn’t understand, what are you trying to say.

Show some screenshots about what you want to do exactly.

I have 2 screen (a,b)
A.Homescreen have 3bottom nav tabs (1.home,2.input,3.profile)

The input tabs opening the photoscreen

Then the photoscreen have a button, when clicking the button going to homescreen with nav profile(3)

On Photo screen, When button click use close screen with value block.

Set result to something.

On Home screen use other screen closed block and use if then condition to compare the result value and set block select bottom navigation to 3.

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thanks ill try this one
ill check if have a good progress
its not working at all

this is my homescreen

blocks (2)

this is my PhotoScreen
blocks (3) blocks (4)

I Want to open Photoscreen, and giving a button to back to homescreen with tabs 3 as profile

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You have not used, other screen closed block on home screen.

Use it and in it set select bottom navigation to 3.

i have test it, the close screen doesnt work or back turn to homescreen

on photoscreen
blocks (7)

on homescreen
blocks (8)
the close screen notworking, but i can use when open another screen